I’m not like other girls!XD


I only have guy friends. I mean all girls do is start drama.image

Oh my god, i hate sluts! image

Other girls my age like to drink and party but i like to stay inside and read or watch netflix! I’m so weird. image

All the girls in my school care about is makeup and shopping and all i care about is FOOD and VIDEO GAMES. lol sometimes i think i was born a guy.image

This is everything.


Anonymous asked:

did you see lakingshockey respond to your post?

joombenn answered:

yeah it’s pretty incredible:

"Any player that plays through an injury does it because they know they can. They know their body can take it. My opinion stands and any player who plays through an injury is a bad ass. So I will keep maintaining this bullshit, thank you very much. :-)"

this is a real fuckin weird argument to make when there have been links between playing through concussions and suicide within the NHL… It’s not the same thing as a wrist break, yeah i get that, but it’s still enforcing this idea that playing through whatever injury you have is “brave” or “badass.” It’s still contributing to the culture of masculinity that surrounds this game. 

Crazy thing is, sometimes athletes actually don’t know their limits!!!!! You’re going to tell me that no players in the game of hockey have ever regressed  or had to retire early because they played through an injury that they shouldn’t have???

This is a real backwards way of thinking congrats on being completely uneducated and just an all-around idiot. 


"It’s not the same as a wrist break, yeah I that…"
Exactly! A blow to a head and a wrist break are two COMPLETELY different things. I, in no way what-so-ever, was talking about concussions and suicides. You are taking the absolute worse circumstances and putting it against my silly little “Clifford is a badass” comment. You are comparing very serious injuries to a minor one that had no affect on the player. There’s a HUGE line in between concussions and wrist breaks, can you not see that?
You would have total grounds to call me an “uneducated and just an all-around idiot” if I were to say “YEAH GO CLIFFORD. PLAY THROUGH THAT VERY SERIOUS HEAD INJURY.” But I wasn’t and never was and I never will endorse a player to do that. 
So call me uneducated or call me an idiot again, but the fact is every time a player hits the ice they risk the chance of getting injured (obviously). It doesn’t matter if the player is 100% healthy or has a broken wrist or whatever, they’re taking major risks and we all have to trust that they’ll listen to their body to not push it too far. They’re professional athletes for a reason.
Whose to say that Clifford wasn’t listening to his body anyway? My bet is that he was when he kept playing (honestly he probably didn’t realize he had a broken wrist since he had all that adrenaline pumping though him at the time.) and when he decided to play in the next four games his body probably told him he was more than capable to play. He had some of the best games in his career within the four games (he did have a point on Martinez’s GWG and had 4 points in 5 games) so we all know he was more than okay.
In no way was I saying it’s okay to play with a very serious head injury by calling Clifford a bad ass though. You completely missed my point. But sorry anyways that you got all annoyed. worked up, whatever with my response but you have your opinion and I have mine and that’s fine, it happens. Have a nice night.